The members derive the immense benefit of networking with the Co-professionals in the field in India and also abroad. Besides, they also have opportunities for:

  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest development in the continually change in training & development field.
  • Keeping abreast of experiments and experiences of other professionals in the country.
  • Participating in an All-India forum for exchange of ideas, views and information.
  • Securing valuable support of experienced professionals in specific tasks of training & development.
  • Having access to opportunities to contribute to professional activities.
  • Participating in national Conventions and Seminars/ Training Programmes at concessional fee.
  • Receiving ISTD News, the quarterly Newsletter, on the Society’s activities.
  • Receiving other ISTD publications at a special discount.
  • Participation in Conferences of IFTDO at concessional rates.
  • Participate in the activities of the society and any of it’s chapters or to use it’s library, research and training materials, films, aids and equipment with or without charges, as may be determined by national council of the society.
  • Individual/Institutional/Life Members are entitled to vote/contest in the annual election of ISTD. Entitlement subject to validity.
  • Associate members and Honorary members will not be entitled to vote/contest.

For the convenience of the members individual and also institutional, the annual subscription can be commuted to a life subscription. This life membership entitles the individual members to:

  • A Photo Identity Card as a Life Member.
  • Certificate of life membership issued to life member.